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The Book: How to Conquer Insomnia


How This Book & Sleep Counseling Came to Be…

As a reporter I’ve had the privilege of speaking with people from all over the world – in nursery schools to occupied territories – and I've found it’s often in asking the right questions that an answer suddenly appears and all the puzzle-pieces pull together: ‘Ah, there’s the answer,’ and the story goes, click.

So it is with this book and sleep counseling. 

For years, I struggled with sleep – or rather lack of sleep – and I seemingly asked questions everywhere, from doctors and experts who cared and many who did not. 

It’s a sad fact that women often get the short end of the stick in our allopathic medical culture.  I’ve often wondered how many women fill up doctor’s waiting rooms who would otherwise feel well with a one-word antidote:  Sleep.

If I could go back in time and read “The Well-Rested Woman” and/or have a Sleep Counselor to guide me on my way back to good sleep, I would, in a moment. 

But some things are simply meant to be shared.





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