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Testimonials on WRW's Sleep Treatments


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"Janet has just the right blend of science and soul to help guide any woman to a place of peaceful, restful sleep."

- Deepak Chopra - Health Guru


"Janet is quite simply the best at what she does. She’s an incredible sleep cheerleader. I can’t recommend her enough.”

-  Francheska Yardo, Film Producer

“Insominacs who want to give snoozing a try should try this A-list sleep guru…” 

- Angeleno Magazine

“…a powerful prescription for overcoming the sleep deprivation that plagues so many women.  (She always) highlights the best of what both traditional and alternative medicine have to offer.”

- Deborah Kesten, author of Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul

“Cheer up, sleepy Jean. Janet Kinosian, sleep counselor and author of The Well-Rested Woman, is now available for hire. After laying awake for eleven years (and training in psychotherapy and getting her masters in counseling psychology), she understands firsthand and has tips and tricks to help you make it through the night.”   

- Daily Candy Editors


“As a person who has suffered from insomnia, I have only one thing to say – these ideas really work!”

M.J. Ryan, author of Atttidues of Gratitude


“She is such a comforting person to speak to, I look forward to our sessions not only to learn how to sleep better but to feel better in general, and also to learn so much about life and the world.  She’s the best therapist I’ve ever had!”

Jasmine Yolanda Marsh




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