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Slumber Tips: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep


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If you have trouble sleeping it’s a pretty good bet you’ve read one or two ‘sleep tip’ sheets.  To the sleep deprived, they often sound like tired weight-loss tips. 

Sleep tip #1: Don’t drink caffeine.  Sleep tip #2: have a bedtime routine.  Stuff you already know but somehow can’t put into practice.

Here are a few simple slumber suggestions for the seriously sleep deprived that may help on your sleep quest (though re-finding good sleep is definitely not a simple process)…


Tip 1

Never sit or rest on your bed after you get up in the morning.  This means complete bed abstinence. No perching on the sides to tie your shoes, you can do that somewhere else.  No watching T.V., eating, telephone talking, bill writing, nada. 

Insomniacs and poor sleepers have a love/hate relationship with their beds.  Until you’re a power sleeper, don’t go near yours until you climb into bed to go directly to sleep at the end of the day. This one break in you sleep routine will net big results if you remain daytime-bed abstinent.


Tip 2

Clear out the electronics in your bedroom.  Somehow bedrooms have moved from a simple place for sleep and rejuvenation into info/entertainment centers.  Tally the electronic devices in your bedroom and weed most out. 

If you’re a good consumer, you’ll likely have a T.V., portable phone, CD player or iPod, cell phone, perhaps a computer, fax, scanner, a DVD or video player – you get the idea.  These electronics jam up your air and emit energy waves long after they’ve been turned off. 

Clean out your room and make it a place not to be entertained, but to sleep.


Tip 3

Try a variety of sleep-enhancing and sleep-inducing supplements and commit yourself to at least 3 months. GABA, Magnesium, Valerian, Hops, Chamomile, Lavendar, L-Tryptophan, Neroli, Melatonin, 5- HTP, lemon balm, etc., there are dozens of sleep supplements currently on the market that can and just may help you get a better, deeper and more restful sleep. Check out the Sleep Supplement page here on WRW or talk to a consultant at your local health food store.

What works for you may not work for another and vice versa [i.e. GABA works well for me, though Valerian doesn't; GABA doesn't help some people and Valerian works wonders, etc.] so you'll need to commit some time to adding these to your nightly routine. This is one instance where it is good to feed your head.


Tip 4

Try and stop obsessing about your lack of sleep.  Obsessing about your sleep issues only produces a circular pattern that makes everything worse.  Realize you don’t die from lack of sleep, you’ll just feel lousy.

The moment you start worrying/obsessing about not sleeping, change your thought to something non-sleep related.  Believe you will get better; you will find the sleep you desire, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. 

Work towards a goal and don’t stop until you get there. Try and relax and it’ll make everything flow better, including sleep.


Keep checking back here for more slumber tips-they'll switch out often!

Please email me at: janet@wellrestedwoman.com

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