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Sleep Counseling - How To Get Better Sleep


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Why Do You Need a Sleep Counselor?

If you have difficulties sleeping your whole life is affected: Health, mind, environment, relationships, safety, sex life, job - a Sleep Counselor helps you get your sleep life back in top working order.

You may ask: Why do I need a counselor for something as basic as sleep? Think in terms of nutrition/food counseling. Certainly, you know how to eat.  However, you may develop bad habits; or certain health issues crop up. A nutritionist helps guide you back to better, healthier choices to regain your best eating patterns. 

A sleep counselor does the same thing for sleep. Sleep – as innate a survival need as food – often gets twisted into a complex miasma of bad habits and unhealthy behaviors that rob you of your health.


What is a Sleep Counselor?

A Sleep Counselor reviews your global sleep patterns then targets specific interventions and behavior modifications to help you regain restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Ask anyone who struggles with sleep and you’ll often find bad sleep habits developed over a lifetime. When chronic, these bad habits can lead to insomnia. Hidden or undiagnosed health issues such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome appear.

A Sleep Counselor pinpoints sleep issues and gets you back to a place of good, restful sleep. Often, medical doctors have limited training in sleep medicine and also have limited time to review your entire global sleep map. Sleep Clinics are expensive.  Sleep Counseling gets to sleep problems – and solutions – quickly.


How Does Sleep Counseling Work?

As a trained therapist (M.A. in Counseling Psychology) I review a detailed and extensive sleep questionnaire which you fill out and return. A phone or in-home appointment is scheduled to review your individual sleep issues and give you strategies to help you regain good, restful sleep.


You deserve good sleep and I'll help you regain it.

We'll work hard to help you enjoy rejuvenating rest.

Sleep deeper, stay asleep longer, wake up refreshed. YES, it's possible.


For all the above services please contact:

janet@wellrestedwoman.com or call 714-573-7517 to make an appointment.

Please note: All services are pre-paid through check or Pay-Pal and a 24-hr. cancellation notice is required.





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