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Nov. 2007 News - Well-Rested Woman Sleep Tips


Thanks to all my new sleep counseling clients now among the ranks of Well-Rested Womanhood. It’s been my great pleasure counseling many of you to a place of better, more restful, rejuvenating sleep. I look forward to counseling more of you.

I love hearing all the sleepless-sisters stories and providing the benefit of hard-learned lessons and advice. As a clinically trained therapist, I understand all the side-issues that combine to make insomnia and sleep troubles so complex and difficult to master. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about my sleep counseling services. I’m here to help.

I offer hourly counseling sessions and workshops, as well as a popular Six-Week Sleep Makeover Program.

I tip my figurative hat to women who soldier on despite the lack of sleep, and, of course, since I was once one of you, my hat remains tipped. No one truly understands what sleep means until you lose it. Of this, I’m certain.

Please enjoy these quarterly updates and sleep tips: www.wellrestedwoman.com

“(Janet) has just the right blend of science and soul to help guide any woman to a place of peaceful, restful sleep.” — Deepak Chopra


There was much excitement in Well-Rested Woman–land when Daily Candy recently launched us to the outside world. Inundated by e-mails, phone calls and women desperate for some decent shut-eye, we’ve helped lots of women retrieve their good slumber habits. Many are well-rested and sleeping wonderfully as we write this.
Check out the Daily Candy story.

I’d love to help bring you to a place of good, rejuvenating sleep.


Women often ask what has changed from past generations and why women seem so tired, fatigued and un-well-slept.

One answer: too much technology inside your bedroom!

It’s bad enough being so wired on the info-mania highway during daytime, but please don’t drag it into your sleep hours. Clean out the electronics from your bedroom.

Somehow, bedrooms have transformed from a simple place for sleep and rejuvenation into info/entertainment centers. Tally the electronic devices in your bedroom, and weed most out.

If you’re a good consumer, you’ll have a TV, portable phone, CD player or iPod, cell phone, perhaps a computer, laptop, fax, scanner, a DVD or video player, and even the dreaded Blackberry – you get the idea. These electronics jam up your air and emit energy waves long after they’ve been turned off.

So if you want to get back to good sleep at night, do yourself a favor: clean out your room and make it a place not to be entertained, but to sleep. Click here for more Sleep Tips.

“Janet is quite simply the best at what she does. She’s an incredible sleep cheerleader. I can’t recommend her enough.”
                                                            — Francheska Yardo, Film Producer

Remember slumber parties? Consider slumber parties for the 21st century. Gather your girlfriends and commune for a couple hours around one of women’s favorite topics – sleep – or the lack thereof. (Instead of gossiping about men, the topic will be yearning for slumber. The kind you used to have when you actually gossiped about boys!)

For information on how to be the first on your block to host such a slumber gathering, contact 714-573-7517 or janet@wellrestedwoman.com for fees and details.

Come ready for sleep-and-spa goodies, such as sleep-inducing and stress-reducing fragrances, candles, relaxing lotions and potions. Party dress code: we leave that up to you.

Ladies, forward this on to a girlfriend, mom, sister, cousin, co-worker, boss – anyone who needs a good night’s sleep.

Remember: our services are not just for women. Well-rested men benefit society, too! Contact 714-573-7517 or janet@wellrestedwoman.com for fees and details.

Sweet Slumber & Delicious Dreams,
Janet Kinosian, M.A.


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