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Well Rested Woman - The Book


The Well-Rested Woman: 60 Soothing Suggestions For Getting a Good Night's Sleep

By Janet Kinosian

One of Amazon's Top Ten Sleep Books!


Remember Sound Sleep? The first -- and only -- book written by a lay woman to help other women get restorative, deep slumber.  Former insomniac and longtime journalist, Janet Kinosian cured herself by using these methods. The Well-Rested Woman offers all sisters-in-sleeplessness sixty inventive ways to get a great night's sleep.

Change your sleep by changing your life:  
- attune your circadian rhythms
- uncover your chronic sleep positions
- write a sleep biography
- cry at night if you want to
- make friends with your nightmares
- feng shui yourself to sleep.

An in-demand Sleep Counselor [M.A. in Counseling Psychology], she'll lead you back to peace with your pillow.

Says Deepak Chopra: "Janet has just the right blend of science and soul to guide any woman to a place of peaceful, restful sleep." Daily Candy: "Cheer up, Sleepy Jean. Sleep Counselor, Janet Kinosian, is available for hire..." Angeleno Magazine: “Insominacs who want to give snoozing a try should try this A-list sleep guru..."

The Well-Rested Woman: 60 Soothing Suggestions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep:

By Janet Kinosian
Conari Press
$14.95, 212 pages
ISBN 1-57324-813-4


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