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Sleep Assessment & Dream Analysis


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Sleep Assessment - A Shortcut to Rejuvenating Sleep

Similar to our full Sleep Counseling sessions, WRW's Sleep Assessment brings you wonderful sleep with a minimum of wait.

After filling out a 4 [instead of 12] page sleep questionarie, your often hidden sleep issues are pin-pointed. You'll receive a thorough assessment of your sleep troubles with specifics in what you should do to correct them.

You'll receive a multi-page, detailed email focused on your personal sleep problems.

Targets include:

* Chronic sleep trouble-spots and hidden problem areas.

* Possible Sleep Disorders you should review with your medical doctor.

* Focused and specific solutions for what's damaging your slumber.

* Places of further research and sleep help.

FEE: $75

Contact: janet@wellrestedwoman.com


Dream Analysis - Dream a Little Dream & Know What it All Means


Dreams are the food of our subconscious mind. They can be wonderful, scary, silly overpowering, bewildering - or any combination.

What they most often are not: easily understandable.

Having studied dream analysis as well as interpreting thousands of my own as well as the dreams of countless others, I'll help interpret and teach you to work with your dreams - as friends.

You'll receive a multi-page, detailed email focused on your personal dream issues.

Dream Analsysis provides the following:

* Deciphers your personal dream language.

* Reduces anxiety about nightmares.

* Teaches the maintenance a working dream journal.

* Steps to co-ordinate your further personal dream analysis.

FEE: $75

Contact: janet@wellrestedwoman.com


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