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Welcome to The Well-Rested Woman

Remember Sound Sleep? 

(Good) SLEEP and (rejuvenating) REST are what The Well-Rested Woman is all about. Both are in desperately short supply for women today.

If you’re already a champion sleeper, you may not need the information found here. But chances are you DO have female compatriots: Mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, granddaughters, cousins, friends, colleagues, employees, even those irritable neighbors or bosses who are in need of some undisturbed, peaceful nights.

This website - The Well-Rested Woman - is everything you need to know about sleep yet were too tired to ask. 

The book, The Well-Rested Woman: 60 Soothing Suggestions to Getting a Good Night's Sleep and my Sleep Counseling have helped women just like yourself learn what to do and not do to reach well-rested womanhood. 

In the following pages you'll find sleep answers, stories, information, fab spa & sleep products and a lovely and lively blogspace for women to kvel together about this unendingly fascinating topic.


Remember sound slumber?


It’s yours if you’ve lost it and when you recover it, yours to keep. Promise.


" Janet has just the right blend of science and soul to help guide any woman to a place of peaceful, restful sleep."

- Deepak Chopra





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